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By your side, today... and above all tomorrow!

In June 2018, we set ourselves a new challenge: to be a driving force in the cities of the future! After 40 years of experience in real-estate development as Immochan, we became a mixed-use real-estate developer with a new name, Ceetrus.

Our credo is collective intelligence, based on co-construction, co-creation and dialogue with our stakeholders. We adopt this mindset in our everyday work: designing new projects that respect citizens and the environment and working on the attractiveness of our existing shopping centers.

What drives our convictions? You!

We live in a world shaped by human connections. Where everyone needs to be heard and to contribute.
To be wholly engaged in one’s life and community.
To be with one another and build a better world.

This deep aspiration is also ours! Today, more than ever, we need to rebuild social links. We believe that a society which links people, builds a better future for all.

For all, we state our mission with passion: we link people to brighten up everyday life by creating sustainable, smart and lively places.

Because we are inspired by people and collective intelligence, we meet together to reinvent urbanity.

Because we trust in territories, we engage in meaningful partnerships to build positive impact urban spaces.

Because we care for people and their fulfillment, we animate lively places to share joy and initiatives.

Acting for communities, we make places vibrate with the aspirations of citizens.

With citizens, for citizens.

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3, 2, 1... Action !

We are helping reinvent cities of tomorrow by building connections with and between local stakeholders, and creating sustainable, smart and lively places. To do this, we are focusing on three roles:

A quick look at our projects

What's our business? Providing urban solutions that meet people needs and make a positive impact on the environment, based on co-creation with our stakeholders – because we care about the needs of citizens and communities.

  • Merlata
    Milan, Italie


  • StatioNord
    Paris, France


  • Aushopping Noyelles
    Noyelles-Godault, France

    Aushopping Noyelles

  • Góraszka Project
    Varsovie, Pologne

    Góraszka Project

  • Auchan Rescaldina shopping center
    Rescaldina, Italie

    Auchan Rescaldina shopping center

  • Vialia Estación De Vigo
    Vigo, Espagne

    Vialia Estación De Vigo

  • La Cloche d'Or
    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    La Cloche d'Or

  • Aquarelle Pushkino
    Région de Moscou,
    District de Pushkino, Russie

    Aquarelle Pushkino

  • Coresi shopping resort
    Brasov, Roumanie

    Coresi shopping resort

  • Óbuda
    Budapest, Hongrie


  • Les Promenades de Bretigny
    Bretigny-sur-Orge, France

    Les Promenades de Bretigny

Our locations at a glance

Ceetrus action is focused on local shopping centres and retail parks that generate value for territories, communities, society and the environment.


76 locations
Present in France since 1996, Ceetrus now manages 76 commercial locations attracting around 225 million visitors a year. A total of 52 of our 76 French locations operate as Aushopping, the Ceetrus network of shopping centres.


2 locations
Present in Luxembourg since 2016, Ceetrus has built a successful track record, with locations attracting 1.7 billion visitors a year and high-profile projects such as La Cloche d'Or.


18 locations
Ceetrus has been present in Hungary since 2005. In 2018, we introduced a new digital solution for visitors to our 18 shopping centres: a chatbot offering practical information on shopping, leisure activities, events and more.


47 locations
Ceetrus has a longstanding history in Italy, where it has been operating since 1989. Today, Ceetrus Italy manages no less than 47 shopping centers and 2,300 shops, attracting 185 million visitors a year.


24 locations
Poland was one of the first countries to host Ceetrus operations. Launched in 1996, Ceetrus Poland now operates 24 shopping centres.


13 locations
2006 marked the arrival of Ceetrus in Portugal.
Since then, the company has expanded to 13 locations and become known for projects such as CINCO DISTRICT, which will revolutionize work and play in Lisbon.


23 locations
Operating in Romania since 2012, Ceetrus Romania manages a network of 23 shopping centres worldwide.
SAiming to develop sustainable projects, the company has built Romania's largest urban regeneration project, the Coresi Shopping Resort.


38 locations
Founded in 2002, Ceetrus Russia now has 79 employees working to serve local communities through 38 shopping centres.


29 locations
Ceetrus shares 40 years of history with Spain!
Today, the company manages 29 Spanish locations, including Zenia Boulevard, Alcampo Sant Boi de Llobregat, Logrono and other flagship shopping resorts.


3 locations
Founded in 2003, Ceetrus Ukraine manages a network of three locations, including two already up and running and a third under development, KYIV RIVE GAUCHE. This 72,000 m2 development represents significant growth for the company.

More than words: concrete commitments 2030

#1 Make a positive impact on the environment: "Carbon -"

Because we are citizens of the world, we commit to:
100% of Ceetrus locations being compatible with a 1.5°C scenario to reduce our carbon impact.
100% of our locations being ecologically useful to make a positive impact on biodiversity.
100% of Ceetrus locations with redesigned services to drive the transition to more sustainable consumption.

#2 Make a positive impact on local communities: "Territories +"

Because we act with citizens, for citizens, we commit to:
100% of our locations engaging communities and local stakeholders.
100% of our actions being designed to promote citizen action.
100% of our locations being useful to communities, creating jobs and reinforcing local economies.

#3 Act responsibly: "integrity!"

Because the way we run our business is just as important as our goals, we commit to:
100% of our actions aiming to respect people and ensure well-being for employees and partners alike.
100% of our behaviour demonstrating integrity and setting an example, in line with our code of ethics.
100% of our partners respect our code of ethics and set this same requirement within their own team and with their partners and contractors.

Our ethical principles are clear and they are based on reciprocity. They can be downloaded here.

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Facts and figures

  • €523 M

    in gross rental income

  • 900

    employees in 10 countries

  • 295


  • 1 billion

    visitors annually

So, do you take sugar?

We will be delighted to answer your questions and discuss how we can support your growth and expansion at Ceetrus locations.

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